VMAX LFP22-1255 LiFePO4 Li-Iron 12V 55AH Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

VMAX LFP22-1255 LiFePO4 Li-Iron 12V 55AH Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

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    VMAX LFP24-1265 LiFePO4 Li-Iron 12V 65AH High Performance Lithium Battery

    The VMAX LFP22-1255 is a 65Ah deep cycle battery with a 10-year design life. The 12V nominal voltage and the enhanced lead calcium phosphate batteries (LFP) designed for deep cycling make it perfect for solar power systems and many off-grid applications, including caravans, motorhomes, boats and RV's. This battery is made from premium cells, including a LFP dedicated single cell and high performance components make it well suited for many backup applications.

    The VMAX LFP battery modules have a wide operating temperature range from -30°C to 50°C, and have been designed specifically for ultra-wide temperature high performance battery applications. The module can be discharged much lower than traditional SLI batteries with longer cycles time (80-100% DOD). They also offer fast recharge times due to their very low internal resistance. The innovative design of the BMS provides a lifetime warranty on the overall battery pack which includes system diagnosis and failure notification along with other

    Nominal Voltage 12.8V (3.2V/cell)
    Rated Capacity (20h @ 25C) 55AH
    Rated Energy 704Wh
    Output Voltage Range 10.0V-14.6V
    Charging Voltage 14.4V - 14.6V (CC-CV)
    Cut-Off Voltage 10.0V
    Max. Constant Charging Current 50A 
    Recommended Charging Current 10A-25A  (best @ 20A)
    Recommended Charger Type CC-CV  until current <1.1A  (0.02C)
    Max. Constant Discharge Current 50A
    Max. 3sec Discharge Current 100A

    Charging Temperature

    0C ~ 45C (+32F~ +113F) 
    Discharging Temperature -20C ~ 65C (-4F ~ +150F)
    Storage Temperature -20C ~ 45C (-4F ~ +113F)
    Efficiency >98%
    Built-in BMS Yes
    Over-Charge Voltage Protection Module: >14.8V, Cell: >3.8V
    Over-Discharge Voltage Protection Module: <10.0V, Cell: <2.0V
    Over-Charge Current Protection >57A w/15sec Delay, >120A w/ 2sec Delay
    Over-Discharge Current Protection >57A w/ 15sec Delay, >210A w/ 2sec Delay 
    Short-Circuit Protection >400A
    Cell Balance Passive, 150mA
    Over-Temperature Protection-Charging <-5C ( 23F) , >65C (150F)
    Over-Temperature Protection-Discharging <-20C (-4F), >65C (150F)
    Cycle Life @80% DOD ~6000 @ 10A, 25C (77F)l
    Cycle Life @90% DOD
    >4000  @ 10A, 25C (77F)
    Design Life ~10 Years
    Battery Case Material ABS
    Dimensions L x W X H 9" x 5.5" x 8.2"
    Terminals M8 Screw In (~5/16")
    Weight 15.5lb


    VMAX LFP battery modules consist of high quality cells, components and a custom designed BMS giving them many advantages including:

    • High performance long life, safe and wide temperature range LFP single cells.
    • High energy density, small size, light weight, no pollution.
    • High efficiency, fast charging.
    • Built-in BMS offering voltage, current and temperature protection.
    • Standard battery case for an easy VRLA battery replacement.
    • 10 years design life, Stable performance, maintenance-free.

    Pair it with the Samlex Dual Battery Monitor or Xantrex Battery Monitor.

    Recommended Charging Options

    • Use a VMAX AGM Charger* or a LiFePO4 Smart & Microprocessor controlled charger with the recommended specs above.
    • <15V alternator if used in vehicle or marine application.
    • Compatible Lithium Charge controller if used in solar applications.
    • Charge at Max Charging current only in situations when fastest charging rate is needed. Not recommended on an ongoing basis.  
    • Do not Recondition Lifepo4 batteries. 
    * VMAX Charging time for a fully discharged 100AH battery:
    VMAX Charger Model #
    EST. Charging Time (Hours)
    VBC1210LFP, BC8S1210A
    VBC1215LFP, BC8S1215A
    VBC1220LFP, BC8S1220A

    Recommended Uses

    Trolling Motors, Solar Power Backup, UPS, Portable Devices, Medical Cart Applications, Camping, Trailers, Boats, and most deep cycle applications.

    NOT RECOMMENDED for engine start applications.

    Parallel wiring is acceptable for up to FOUR batteries. 

    Series wiring is acceptable for up to FOUR batteries.

    BCI Group Codes*

           Matching Termination:  24 (+ on L.H.S. & - on R.H.S)

    Battery comes with carrying handles that may vary in shape and color.
    * Matching is based on closest dimensional specifications.