Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove
Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove
Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove
Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove
Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove
Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove
Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove
Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove
Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove

Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove

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    Solo Stove Lite Ultralight Camp Stove

    Solo Stove has a reputation for producing simple, ingenious outdoor stoves, fire pits, and grills, designed to help you turn good moments into lasting memories. The Solo Stove story began with this little stove. Two brothers wanted to create an ultralight camp stove that could boil water in under 10 minutes using sticks and twigs as fuel. So they put there heads together and came up with the Solo Stove camp stove.

    The Solo Stove Lite is for people who are ready to roam, stop to get a quick pot of water boiling, make a meal or hot drink, and get back on the trail. Weighing less than a pound, the Solo Stove Lite is the perfect ultra-light camp stove to keep your pack light and ready to go without having to bring along any fuel.

    The Solo Stove Lite lets you enjoy an efficient cooking flame using nothing more than sticks and twigs you find along the trail. All Solo Stove camp stoves are constructed from 304 stainless steel, so they won't rust and their signature ultra-efficient 360° Airflow Design™ draws air in from the bottom and channels it through the interior so your fuel burns super efficiently. The heated air ignites after leaving the upper vent holes, creating a spectacular secondary burn. That means starting your fire is quick and easy, and there there’s way less smoke compared to other wood burning stoves — seriously, this is the closest you'll come to a smokeless fire. Say goodbye to constantly dodging campfire smoke and your clothes and hair smelling like smoke for hours afterwards.

    As an added benefit, the fire burns down quickly once you stop adding fuel so you don't have to wait around for the fire to burn down before you go to bed. And nearly everything burns to a fine grey ash, meaning there's no charcoal or half burnt wood to dispose of when your packing up for your next destination. The lack of smoke also means minimal soot, making them easy to clean.

    It's a great stove but you can also remove the top if you just want to enjoy the fire. Solo Stove camp stoves come in three sizes:

    • Lite ultralight camp stove — Measuring 5.7" in height x 4.25" in diameter and weighing only 9 oz, the Solo Stove Lite is the perfect ultra-light camp stove. 

    • Titan — The Titan is 7.9" inches tall, 5.1" in diameter, and weighs only 16.5 oz. The Titan lets you make tasty, hot food in minutes without weighing you down on the trail.

    • Campfire — The Campfire is Solo Stoves largest stove made. It is 9" inches tall, and 7.9" in diameter, and weighs 2.2 oz. The Campfire lets cook a delicious meal (complete with s’mores for dessert) and bask in the glow of a mesmerizing flame all with one portable camp stove. The Campfire is a great outdoor cooking choice for Van Lifers. 


    The following accessories are available for your Solo Stove Lite camp stove:

    • Pot 900 — You’ve spent hours on the trail and need a hot meal or drink fast. The ultra light Pot 900 holds 30 fluid ounces (0.9 liters) and is the perfect accessory for Solo Stove Lite. It lets you craft tasty soups, stews, and hot drinks without taking up precious space or adding much weight to your pack. And when it’s time to get moving, the Lite stove nests neatly inside the Pot 900. 

    • 3-Pot set — This is a complete cooking package. It includes 1.25, 1.5, and 2 liter pots. The set also includes a lightweight aluminum pot gripper that allows you to get a firm handle on your pot while you stir the contents and during transport it to the dinner table to serve. When it’s time to break down camp, just store the pots in the included stuff sack. 

    • Windscreen — The windscreen s the ultra portable solution to protecting your camp stove’s flame and allows you to enjoy cooking on your Solo Stove Lite even when the wind is blowing. And the folding, eight-panel design lets you configure it to the right shape for your conditions.

    • Alcohol burner — Sometimes finding dry sticks and twigs on the trail can be a challenge. Be prepared using Alcohol Burner as a backup liquid fuel option. It’s design features a flame regulator and a screw-top cap to store fuel directly inside the burner. 

    • Fire striker — Matches get wet and lighters may fail. Solo Stove's Fire Striker work in any condition and is the perfect tool to light up your Solo Stove camp stove or fire pit. Just position it near your kindling and strike. It’s fast-lighting ferrocerium rod sparks twice as hot as a regular match and lasts for up to 15,000 strikes.

    Lite Bundle

    The Lite Bundle includes the following:

    • Lite ultralight camp stove

    • Pot 900 (30 fluid ounces)

    • Windscreen

    • Alcohol Burner

    • Fire Striker

    • Tinder-on-a-rope — Kindles your flame naturally

    360° Airflow Design™ — How it Works

    1. Airflow — Rising hot air, and the absence of oxygen created by the combustion process, pulls air through the bottom vent holes. This air movement fuels the fire at its base while also providing a boost of preheated air through the vent holes at the top of the burn chamber.

    2. Ash Pan — The ash pan catches loose ash to prevent it from blocking airflow and also acts as a heat shield to reduce heat transfer to the ground beneath your fire pit.

    3. Precision Base Plate — The base plate allows oxygen to be fed directly from below the embers, which helps to burn the fuel faster and hotter while removing spent ash from the process.

    4. Secondary Burn — Vent holes near the top of the burn chamber introduce preheated oxygenated air back into the upper part of the burn chamber resulting in more complete combustion, a hotter fire, and significantly less smoke than other fire pits.

    5. Cooking Ring — Solo Stove's proprietary cooking ring is formed from a single piece of 304 stainless steel, deep drawn with precision tooling and hand polished. The cooking ring is designed to keep the fire centered and even and also results in a more visually impressive flame. It also acts as a windscreen. The fire sits securely on the top and nests inside the camp stove during transportation and storage.

    Product Features

    • Portable design

    • Dimensions: 5.7" h x 4.25" diameter

    • Construction: 100% high durability, rust proof, 304 stainless steel

    • Fuel: Sticks, Twigs, Pine Cones and Other Biomass 

    • Virtually smokeless during use

    • Weight: 9 oz

    • Backed by Solo Stoves lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects (excludes normal wear and tear or misuse of the product).


    Watch the videos below to learn more  



    ⚠️WARNING: The combustion products emitted when this product is burning can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide which is known by the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to