Morningstar SunSaver MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Morningstar SunSaver MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Morningstar SunSaver MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Morningstar SunSaver MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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    Morningstar SunSaver MPPT™ Solar Charge Controller (SS-MPPT-15L)

      The purpose of a solar charger is to collect energy from your solar panels and store it in your batteries. The SunSaver MPPT™ with TrakStar technology is the perfect charging solution for smaller off-grid solar systems up to 400Wp. An industrial-grade design proven in challenging applications and environments, SunSaver has been called the single most successful charge controller in the solar industry.  

      Why You Need an MPPT Controller for Your Solar System

      There are two types of solar charge controllers on the market: MPPT (maximum power point tracking) and PWM (pulse-width modulation). The type of charge controller you need depends on the prevailing solar conditions your expect to encounter. MPPT controllers convert more energy into useable electricity. They are best suited for areas where seasonal, weather, and shading conditions can cause significant variations in solar harvesting. MPPT controllers are ideal for off-grid solar applications such as on a campervan or RV or remote cabins or tiny houses. 

      PWM controllers are less efficient than MPPTs and are best-suited for large stationary systems with consistent sunlight, minimal shading and no physical space limitations. PWM controllers are not generally a good fit for campervans or RVs.

      All Morningstar solar charge controllers are built to industry-leading quality standards with over-spec’d components, advanced electronic design and thermal engineering, and have no cooling fans to fail. Over four million Morningstar controllers have been sold since 1993 and making them the first choice for leading solar installers around the globe.

      Key Features and Benefits of the SunSaver MPPT

      The MPPT technology optimally matches the solar array to the battery for minimal energy loss—no wasted PV electricity.

      Provides excellent performance at low solar insolation levels

      The SunSaver MPPT charger enables use of high voltage modules for off-grid battery charging.

      Utilizes a 4-stage charging profile which increases battery life 

      Capable of converting 24V or 36V arrays for use with 12V or 24V batteries.

      Automatic Lighting Control – four programmable timer sequences for PV lighting applications using MSView.

      Includes low voltage disconnect override protection

      Extensive electronic protections include short-circuit, over-current and reverse polarity to ensure the controller will not be damaged by wiring mistakes or overloads.

      The SunSaver MPPT utilizes a fanless design to eliminate parasitic draw and promote optimal heat transfer.

      Specifications and Certifications

      Model SS-MPPT-15L
      Charge Rating (amps) 30
      Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage (volts) 60
      Nominal Battery Voltage (volts) 12V, 24V or 48V
      Peak efficiency 97.5%
      Battery Operating Voltage Range c7-36V
      Voltage Accuracy (12/24V)  1%
      Operating Temperature Range (C) -40 to +60
      Warranty 5 Years
      CE and RoHS compliant
      IEC 62109
      ETL Listed [UL-1741 and Canadian CSA C22.2 No.107.1.01]
      FCC Class B Part 15 Compliant
      Manufactured in a Certified ISO 9001 Facility


       Morningstar SunSaver Charger Product Video 


      SunSaver MPPT Datasheet

      SunSaver MPPT Operation Manual 

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